With vast experience in placing students in various schools, we understand the challenges faced by those who wish to study in NZ. We understand each individual needs and try to help them as much as possible from admission to schools to applying visa to travel arrangement. We want the students to have smooth and hassle-free experiences from the day they decide to come to NZ to study.

Study in Auckland


We help the students in every stage of the process :

Choosing the Right Course

We work with various good quality Private Tertiary Education Schools (English, Diploma, Post Graduate, Graduate Diploma and Masters Programmes) and Public Schools (Primary, Intermediate and High Schools)

We understand the students’ requirements and provide options of these courses to students and ensure they choose the courses wisely.

Apply for Visa

We provide information to students according to Immigration New Zealand’s website and able to assist to apply for students’ visas.

Arriving in New Zealand

We help students with arranging airport pickup, accommodation placements, assisting in opening bank accounts, getting AT transport cards, and a wide range of other services and support.

Assist students to acclimatise themselves to New Zealand’s environment and be there to support them when necessary.

Provide support to graduates and help them to understand their career options and requirements. 

Travelling to New Zealand

Before travelling to New Zealand, students will be given information about the school and what to expect while in NZ. We will assist students with booking flights if needed and will buy the medical and travel insurance before departing the home countries.

We also promote NZ culture to overseas students by arranging short-term educational tours (during their school holidays) for them to experience study life in NZ and arranging short and fun trips while they are here.